Cloudy Sky on Nails – Zoya Caitlin

Caitlin by Zoya was originally released as part of the Intimate collection in spring 2011. I wasn’t very excited about the collection at first but Zoya had a killer sale and I ended up with all of the Intimate colors. I’ve posted a picture of Caitlin in the “French Twist” look but not by itself. I wear it a lot more than I thought I would!

Purple or gray – No matter how you see it, Caitlin is on the lighter side of the color spectrum. It’s a nice alternative to the pink/red color family, not too flashy, and great for the office. Even though it was released as a spring color I think Caitlin is also appropriate for autumn. It reminds me of the sun lighting up a cloudy sky.

I’ve worn Caitlin before and posted it on instagram.

Behind the Name: Caitlin is a variation of Katherine and means “pure.” When I was a child I wanted my name to be Katherine with a K. I have no idea why. I like my own name now, but I think I would have been happy as a Katherine, too!

Will you be wearing Caitlin this fall? What’s your favorite variation of the name Katherine?

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