Easy Panoramas with iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has added in panorama support to the camera. To use: Open the camera, select options, then panorama. This mode shows an arrow on a line so you can keep the image center while panning the camera. Simple!

Eagle exhibit at the Oregon Zoo. Can you spot the two eagles? (Click to enlarge.)

Unlike the 360 app, there is no white space where the image is uneven. However you can only do a panorama from side to side while 360 can be used, well, in all directions.

Mountain goat exhibit at the Oregon Zoo. (Click to enlarge.)

I’m glad that iPhone 5 added in panorama support for the camera. I like easily taking panoramas from the camera menu that don’t have the white space of 360 when it’s uneven. For now I will continue to use both applications as I like the convenience of the built-in panorama and the ability to take top-to-bottom panoramas in 360.

Portland Chinese Gardens. (Click to enlarge.)

What are your tips on taking panoramas with your camera or iPhone? For the iPhone, do you prefer to use the built-in function or a specialty application?

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