Bare Escentuals – Natural Lips and Golden Eyes

I recently bought True Gold eye color and the Natural Lip Trio from Bare Escentuals online because they gave me a coupon for a free eye color (I’ll show you that one later this month)!

I’ve never worn gold or yellow eye shadow before so I wanted to give it a try. I choose True Gold and I’m glad I did! It looks golden, no other way to describe it! I applied it “foiled,” that is, I wet the brush first and the application intensifies with a shiny, foil-like finish.

True Gold by BE (foiled) with Natural Lip

The natural lip kit is slightly darker than my natural lip color. I was expecting it to be more on the sheer side but I actually like the finished look, it’s very neutral.

The kit comes with lip liner – one of the reasons I bought it since I don’t typically use it and wanted to give it a try – lipstick and lip gloss all in the natural color. The liner works very well as a base to keep the lipstick in place. For example, when I blotted it with Kleenex a bit of the paper stuck to my lip! The only difference with the liner is that the lipstick doesn’t feel as moisturizing as when I use the lipstick on it’s own. But on the plus side I get longer wear.

The lip gloss is pretty and feels good on my lips but in general, BE gloss hasn’t passed the husband stickyness test – He doesn’t like to kiss me when I wear it! What can I say, sometimes a girl’s gotta look pretty.

True Gold by BE (foiled) with Natural Lip (with flash)

The natural lip color is slightly more pink in the artificial lighting. I included the flash photo so you can see the actual color, but wow did that flash catch me off guard even though I was the one taking the picture!

Products are available for purchase at Bare Escentuals online, boutiques, Ulta, Sephoria, and department stores.

What do you think of the gold foiled eye look? How do you wear gold eye color? What do you think of natural looking lips?

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