October – Celebrating Color

October is time to celebrate autumn leaves, pumpkin treats, spooky stories, and the return of rainy days. On a rainy day, I love curling up with a hot beverage and a good book with a pumpkin pie in the oven. The gold-orange of pumpkin is one way to bring color indoors on a dreary day. After you bake a golden-brown pie or carve a brightly glowing Jack O’ Lantern, join me this October in Celebrating Color!

This month I’ll show you how to create your own color palette in seconds with a new app, add a splash of color to your couch with an easy-to-sew throw pillow, stay in fashion with fall beauty trends, admire nature’s natural beauty, and more! From crafts to cosmetics, there’s something colorful for everyone this month. Let’s kick off October together – Answer the meme in the comments for some fun, and download October’s wallpaper for a pop of inspiration.

Copy, paste, and post your favorites in the comments:

October Favorites

  1. Candy:
  2. Scary Movie:
  3. Scary Book:
  4. Place to Visit:
  5. Rainy Day Activity:

October’s wallpaper highlights red and golden leaves with a colorful quote! Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge, then save to your desktop or device.

"Colors burst in wild explosion Fiery, flaming shades of fall"

“Colors burst in wild explosion / Fiery, flaming shades of fall”
Stock photo with quote added by me using Gimp.

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2 responses to “October – Celebrating Color

  1. 1.Candy: Hmmm… Chocolate covered pretzels?
    2.Scary Movie: Miss Congeniality 2
    3.Scary Book: It
    4.Place to Visit: Home!
    5.Rainy Day Activity: Sleeping in with cats

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