Spoonflower – Fabric On Demand

Spoonflower is a print on demand fabric, wallpaper, and wrapping paper service which allows you to upload your own designs. You may order your own design with a discount, or you can make it public and sell it for 10% commission on each purchase. Spoonflower sets the prices based on the type of fabric used. You can purchase basic cotton at $17.50 per yard. This is more expensive than chain fabric stores, but you have access to more niche designs.

So what can you do with Spoonflower? You can shop for fabric, including cut-and-sew projects (I especially love this cute owl bag by “happysewlucky”.) You can create a custom design for yourself for a quilt, costume, or whatever you can think of. Create custom wrapping paper that says “Happy Birthday Leonard” to add a special touch to your gift – if you know someone named Leonard! Or create and proof your designs and place them for sale.

queen of night tulip

Queen of Night Tulip

Queen of Night was my first attempt designing fabric. I started with a photo I took of a tulip called Queen of Night – It is the darkest tulip, the closest to black there is. I then created a color palette with Adobe Kuler using shades of purple from the photo. I opened up my graphic program and had fun! It had been awhile since I’ve done graphic design so I kept it simple. Plus, one of my cats loves to give snuggles when I sit at the desktop computer, which made it difficult to work on this design, but easy to get cuddled!

When I finished coloring in the flower, I thought it was too large. I scaled and tiled the image. The design on the right is the design which is available for sale on Spoonflower. When I proofed it, the darker colors blended together. It lost some of the detail but it kept the overall look I wanted for the fabric: Dreamy watercolor.

Fabric Proof - Kona Cotton

Fabric Proof – Kona Cotton

I enjoyed this experiment so much that I checked out a book from the library on fabric design. I am a beginner, but everyone starts somewhere! The thing I like most about Spoonflower is that there is little cost to design and sell fabric – Only $6 ($5 for the proof, $1 for shipping). When I received my test swatch, there was a handwritten “thank you” on the invoice. What a nice personal touch! Spoonflower an excellent site for consumers and designers, novice and experts alike.

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